Gangs of London PSP demo

As you can see, here is the Gangs of London demo for the PSP. Release date is October 3, 2006. The game play so far has been pretty interesting, as far as a mix of GTA and your average over-the-shoulder type game. Very clean graphics. Two things to note though. If the demo’s loading screen is any indication of the actual game, then the spinning UMD graphic is annoying as heck and could use an update to at least some other loading graphic. Totally unoriginal. The other is that you will need to have firmware 2.71 to play. So far, I’m definitely intrigued and I’m hardly ever intrigued by these types of games. For supporting 1-5 players of WiFi, this game has got to be very fun at the least. I doubt its infrastructure based but I’m not sure as I just got it and put the pictures up as soon as I could.
Here’s the photo of the demo’s inside cover.