Don’t be a helicopter parent

It’s time for your children to spread their wings and learn to fly a little. But these days, with cell phones and e-mail, parents are only a few seconds away and many require daily check-up calls on their precious children to make sure everything is okay.

“… To parents who are walking through the day with their students – it’s called helicopter parenting because of its hovering quality” – Allison Chase Padula, associate dean of student affairs at Roger Williams College in Bristol, R.I. has two words: Back off.

We know it’s hard, but cut the “umbilical cord”. The idea of college is for those kids to learn to deal and cope with their own problems as all adults do. There’s nothing wrong with a great parent/child relationship. But if it starts turning them into a societal outcast or interferes with school, it’s becoming a problem. After a few weeks into the semester, it’s time to wean off the little one and let them out into the world all bright eyed and bushy tailed.
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