AOL CSR insider shows how hard to cancel account

AOL? This is definitely not the way to do business.
I’m sure Jason Calacanis is groaning again, for everytime he tries to at least bring the giant AOL back to speed with the younger generations, there is another “great” public relations issue hammering him back.
The Consumerist reports that their insider within the CSR department has sent them the new flowchart for how to deal with cancellation calls. It uses a lot of corporate babble and confusing legal tones to bait the consumer into saying certain answers so that they can keep the accounts open.
What bothers me is again the management. Everyone deals with the “numbers” but no one seems to be paying attention to the consumers as clients instead of a number. I’m almost 100% sure this is the real reason behind why CSR is so bad at AOL. They need a complete rehaul and people need to start treating their clients with more respect. If people want to cancel, let them. Don’t bait them. You’re more likely to get referrals from cancellers or those that come back unless you pull stupid stunts like this.
Most of all, Jason takes the brunt of it because he’s one of the few lines of communication into that corporate giant. Sometimes, you got to pay to make money, but because the giant won’t listen, Jason will have to listen to the complaints yet again.
Via TheConsumerist