Antiterrorism expert bypasses security and brings C4 on and off plane

This need to be a lesson to everyone, but especially the TSA. If this antiterrorism expert could have done this, then it can happen anywhere. The expert filmed the bomb and brought it on and off a plane without detection.
His advice is very sound, but this one jumped out at us.

Politicians, military and police officers, and all other government officials must not be exempted from frisking and standard security checks to set an example so that other passengers will cooperate in the stringent security checks.

Perhaps airport crew also should undergo the same security checks. Too many times, these people of authority as mentioned above do not undergo the same measures. That would at least ease the general public.

He recommended that politicians and other officials not be exempted from security checks because security personnel may get the wrong idea of how a terrorist looks like and behaves.

One of the worst things that can happen and has happened is profiling. This is movie plot antics. To know a terrorist, you must think like one. Too many of the security personnel that TSA hires are low-paid workers that man the checkpoints. There needs to be better watch over everything. Perhaps like we’ve mentioned: casino surveillance experts? In any case, there definitely needs to be a reshaping of TSA to get them to spend money correctly instead of paying some high paid politico types that just talk the talk instead of walking the walk.
Via INQ7