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linux.com has a great article on dwdiff. dwdiff is a utility that compares word differences between two text documents and then gives you what the total of both with the edited form from each (added words or deleted words from both). Apparently this is really good for seeing the changes for written documents.
Via linux.com

LUX server move

It was a pretty seamless server move, but if you see a blip on the screen, Lux moved to a better and more stable datacenter and link. Just a bit of administrative cleanup.

Lazarus microbe’s secret found

Sometimes you wonder if science fiction isn’t just predicting the future. With Halloween coming up, the ghost and goblin movies are back. Along with zombie movies. So what? Fake stuff right?
Maybe not. In the latest issue of the science journal Nature, there has been a publication by a team in France studying Deinococcus radiodurans. Deinococcus radiodurans is a bacterium that evolved in the desert that basically went down the other end of evolutionary path. Instead of dividing and spreading as quickly as possible, the bacterium evolved into a very robust and hardy cell structure.

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Jedi Concentrate

Jedi Concentrate is written by AnAppaday. It basically mimics MacOSX’s Exposé and allows the current working window to be focused while the background windows are all dimmed out.
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iTRC – iTunes Remote Control

iTRC is a pretty snazzy and useful remote control. It basically takes iTunes off of a computer on your network, and allows you to control the playlists and music from … go figure this. A remote computer. Very useful if you’re controlling a multimedia PC from another room in the house.
For Windows and licensed under the BSD license.

FCC to approve AT&T and BellSouth merger

It’s funny how things just end up. A long long time ago, Ma Bell was broken up. But soon, the giant will be back at full force again.
Consumer Affairs reports that the AT&T and BellSouth merger is said to be blessed by Kevin Martin, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Consumer groups are worried that this merger will increase fees proven in the latest telco USF scandals where telcos did lobbying to the FCC to pull the fees claiming that it would help decrease costs to the consumer. When the FCC pulled the USF fees from DSL, the fees were replaced by both BellSouth and Verizon as recovery fees. Due to consumer outrage, this was stopped, but this sets a precedence on the business practices modeled with the Baby Bells.
From a more local perspective, we note that currently with BellSouth, it costs $30.20 a month here in NC to have a local phone line. No long distance, no local-long distance (that’s where you call another city in the same area code but certain prefix ranges are considered LLD in other prefix ranges). That’s pretty hefty considering that a basic mobile phone plan can cost $29.99 a month plus fees and has a lot more coverage and perhaps even more minutes depending on the plan.
Tsk tsk. Shame on the FCC for endorsing putting two of the biggest Baby Bells back together. Consumers be ready to take the brunt of the impact on your walletbooks.

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a freeware archive uncompression utility that supports zip, tar, bzip, gzip, 7zip, lha, and stuffit. Haven’t tested it so not sure if it supports ace but those are your general archiving schemes. Pretty useful, although it is only for MacOSX.
Lifehacker < TheUnarchiver

Lawsuit against Take-Two claiming GTA:Vice City involvement in triple homicide

Three families are suing Take-Two Interactive for $600 million claiming that the triple homicide would not have happened had the then fourteen year old didn’t play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
This basically says it all:

Posey had told police he shot his family after his father, the ranch foreman, slapped him for not cleaning horse stalls fast enough. Prosecutors described Posey as a ruthless killer, but his lawyers claimed his father had abused him for years.

This mainly shows that the child is at least severely disturbed if not abused. Not to mention there was hardly any parent responsbility seeing that the then fourteen year old was playing a game that was rated “Mature“.
Replacing personal responsibility with blaming a gaming corporation just shows that society has gone off the deep end and those that stand behind it have issues with parenting (in our opinion). What about violent tv shows and movies? Anyone ever bother to watch Nip Tuck? Perhaps that will turn our children into promiscuous individuals? How about Saw and Saw II? That’s going to turn our children into psychopaths? This is another case of greed overpowering sanity and trying to pursue monetary gain from personal tragedy.
Tragic, that society allows these people to think in such ways..
Via HoustonChronicle


IMAPSize is a freeware tool for Windows that can tell you how large your mailbox is and allow you to quick and efficiently manage your IMAP mail accounts. Since many mail accounts are subject to disk quotas, this will allow you to manage the space by seeing which folders are taking up the most space and doing something about those files and folders.
Lifehacker < IMAPSize


One of the greatest things about the Internet is that you can find out what sort of morons are calling your phone. The same ones that leave you a number to on your caller-id, but have some terrible recording that keeps hitting your phone number again and again and again.
Well, whocalled.us lets your meet everyone else that has had the same issue. It tracks what phone numbers by what caller-id and hopefully someone will eventually put in enough information to track down the person doing spam marketing calls.
Maybe it’ll help, maybe it won’t. But it’ll definitely at least give you a sense of relief that you’re not the only one being targeted by fraudulent calls.