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The slow death of niche market television

It’s a terrible thing. Niche market television is slowing dying. I’m not talking about your regular gender biased TV such as SpikeTV or E!. If it’s not in general a high flyer genre, it’s going away due to network executives trying to push for higher and higher ratings instead of staying by their viewers.
What do I mean? Take a look at Cartoon Network and Sci-Fi.

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Firelace Brevis – content management made simple

Shameless plug but alas, what can you do. Firelace has recently launched a product line called Brevis. Brevis is a template based content management system made for small businesses. While the CMS industry is pretty saturated with plenty of great products, we found that there wasn’t many that were keyed towards those that were not as technically minded.
As a test, we developed our whole own corporate website and tested with the product itself. As they say, if you don’t use it then you’ll never feel what your customers feel. Liking it so much, we decided to implement it on the projects we sponsor such as ConvergeSouth’s media site.

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Verizon and BellSouth not giving back the money

You got to love it when the Baby Bells keep you $2-3 even though the government was the one that was pocketing it to begin with but decided to reclassify DSL. DSL was originally classified so that it there had to be a fee similar to most phone services that contributes to the Universal Service Fund. This is the fund that provides rural broadband and locally would be the monies that is sent through such authorities as e-NC.

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A first look at RedSwoosh

Found RedSwoosh via Scoble. Decided it was cool enough to implement for Media|ConvergeSouth to help with alleviating the bandwidth costs that CarolinaNet provides for the server year around.

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TrackMeNot Firefox extension

TrackMeNot Firefox extension basically goes and tries to obfuscate your search patterns by creating a multitude of ghost queries in the background. This basically will hide your searches due to the large number of data queries and renders any sort of data mining practically useless. It doesn’t do any hiding, or concealment but it does make it more difficult for search corporations to nail down user search queries and who is searching what.

Blocking Internet traffic will cause employers good staffing

Microsoft’s Senior Design Anthropologist, Anne Kirah, has a few words for those employers that like to heavily restrict access to the Internet.

“These kids are saying: forget it! I don’t want to work with you. I don’t want to work at a place where I can’t be freely online during the day.”

So true.

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News rivers and how MSM will take a while to get it

It’s amusing that Dave Winer has started the “newsrivers feeds where it’s basically a dumbed down version of html stripper and provides only links and text. Almost like a combination of a rss feed with the lynx browser.
It’s all about disseminating the information and how to do it. What’s even more funny is that I canned a project back in 1999 back in the dot-com boom that did the same via xml for mobile devices for a health care project.

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Need to optimize your website? CrazyEgg can show you how. It shows a heatmap of where your users click the most so you can optimize your site to generate the most clickage. No, clickage isn’t a word.
It’s a free service, but you can only monitor two pages at a time unless you want to pay for more. Very neat web design optimization tool.

CyberStorm was a cyber anti-left wargame

Interestingly enough, DHS’s CyberStorm wargame that went on a couple months ago was toted as a success in prevention of cyber-attacks on the good ole’ US of A. What wasn’t mentioned was that instead of the usual terrorist groups such as Al Quaeda, the cyber-terrorists were waged by group names such as “Freedom Not Bombs” and “Tricky Trio” all spin offs of real group titles.

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Convert pngs to icons with this cool web tool. ConvertIcon will allow you to convert any png to an ico file and vice versa. Brought to you by Punk Software, the same people behind Rocketdock.