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Google Apps for Your Domain

Google has released Google Apps for Your Domain. Basically takes all email, calendar, and IM and puts it into one single interface along with web publishing. Pretty interesting, although rather generic. We were hoping to also see Writely and a couple others grouped together. This beta probably is worthwhile for those nonprofits out there that don’t have any way to support their own server status. It allows many small groups to have access to simple things such as email and web publishing with no cost.
As usual, this is only beta and their will be a premium service out later. That will probably have Writely. But hey, no one can beat free.
Via GoogleBlog

iTunes from your Toolbar

You can control iTunes from your Toolbar. Just follow the directions to minimize the player right into your Windows toolbar.
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Lighting water on fire

With all the hooplah about liquid explosives and TSA going nuts with people’s cosmetics just reminds me of eighth grade science a long long time ago.

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Flowplayer – flash movie player

In the quest for building a media website for ConvergeSouth, we ran across a nice little oss based Flash movie player called Flowplayer. Flowplayer basically is skinnable, and takes the normal parameters that any other flash player and has all of the functionality of the other ones. Except it’s open-source.
And who said open-source isn’t wonderful.

Uhh. Why don’t you wash your hands?

I want to know why people refuse to wash their hands when in public restrooms. Seriously.
It’s rather disgusting when you think about it. Germs on the urinals from other people, when they flush, handle the door, and what not. Yet the majority of males that I’ve seen do not wash their hands in public restrooms. They just go and walk right out the door. Even if they’ve been sitting in the stall grunting only minutes before.
Before the other gender is beaming prettily, from what I’m told they are just as notorious. Have we as a society gone so far to look all prim and proper on the outside that we cannot even handle simple hygiene? For shame, for shame.

How do I get my hands on one of those ratings boxes?

How the heck do I get a ratings box? I mean seriously. This is really starting to tick me off that Stargate SG-1 gets canceled after it started to get better. Go figure. Farscape got canceled also when it started to get better after a boring lull.
Give me something to smack some network executives with and give me one of those stupid ratings boxes. If that’s all they care about, then by golly let me at it so I can show that there’s a whole world of people they’re missing due to the fact that their numbers are skewed. For niche markets, you can’t take a 5% sample and multiple it out. That might work for American Idol, but it doesn’t for smaller genres.
But whatever. Don? Can you beat someone up for me to get one of those boxes?

Sophos Anti-Rootkit

One thing you always have to be careful of is rootkit installations. There are a whole bunch of them and they could take over without you ever knowing. Fortunately Sophos has come out with their Anti-Rootkit for download. You can do scans whenever you feel like and see if you’ve been compromised. It’s not the end-all-be-all for Windows, but it’s a start in protecting yourself.
ComputerWorld < Sophos

The Internet isn’t really anonymous (untraceable)

Why is it that people think the Internet is untraceable? Most protocols are for the most part fairly safe, but it is not as anonymous as you think it is. It’s just like anonymous Internet surveys as a friend asked about just recently. Anonymous surveys can still be traced to an IP address, where it can be associated to a computer where some human being had to interact with it.
Similarly, just like this guy who thought Skype was anonymous.

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Bryce 5 for free until September 6, 2006

Bryce 5 is available for free by DAZ Productions off of Download.com.
Bryce back in the day was the ultimate 3d landscaping studio. Now, there are many others to choose from, but Bryce is still out there creating beautiful 3d imageries. And what do you have to lose from free? Windows only.

The hate of WordPress

WordPress is probably one of the best open-source blog softwares out there. I even recommend it.
But I’m beginning to loathe it with extreme prejudice. Why? Whatever default spam blocker it has on it has me set for spammer. Or something like that. Either the Bayesian filters aren’t working or there’s some seriously screwed things going on.

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