News rivers and how MSM will take a while to get it

It’s amusing that Dave Winer has started the “newsrivers feeds where it’s basically a dumbed down version of html stripper and provides only links and text. Almost like a combination of a rss feed with the lynx browser.
It’s all about disseminating the information and how to do it. What’s even more funny is that I canned a project back in 1999 back in the dot-com boom that did the same via xml for mobile devices for a health care project.

Finally after a couple years, mainstream media has finally caught on to real-time news feeds and ways to move the information over the Internet. Obviously not first adopters, they’re still struggling with how to reach the broadest number of users with the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, many business users are now connected via their mobile devices. This was true back in the late 90s and it’s even more so now in mid-2000s. Not to mention it’s a lot easier to transfer that information with hardware and software improvements.
I suppose the most aggravating aspect of this is the fact that only but six months ago, I met with News & Record staff at a community technology meeting where the community gave ideas on how to re-vamp N&R’s GoTriad sections. Strangely enough, I mentioned a mobile version of the N&R since my HP iPaq couldn’t load their awfully large website and I was told that the market was only for first adopters from their research. Funny thing was that they were trying to reach a younger audience of whom all are mobile-driven.
Information brokering is something that I’ve been particularly fond of in the past few years. It’s funny how ideas such as Dave Winer’s increases productivity and localization through efficiency and thus increasing your user base but some mainstream media are slow to go with it. Oh well, we’ll see them adopt it in a couple of years and call it “state-of-the-art” while the rest of us idea people are moving onto something else.