ConvergeSouth Announcement: Scoble2

In the blogging world, there are no bigger names than the Scobleizer and his lovely wife. They now work for, but Robert used to work for Microsoft and loved a lot of the same things I did when I was back home.
In any case, I’m glad this is confirmation for ConvergeSouth is finally finalized. Maybe next year, we’ll be able to get Mini-Scoble to come too. Then it’d be Scoble3. 3D-Scoble. Schwing.
UPDATE (2:29AM): While finishing up some spreadsheets for work, I realized Rob is trying to attack my blog by sending his minions here. Welcome Scoble minions. To phone home, please press here. I would wage a friendly spar with Rob, but I am vexxed that my minion count pales next to his in comparison. To heck with it. To arms! Hoist the skulls and bones mateys! Ahh. sarcasm at its finest. I even amuse myself at this hour of night.