Another government laptop missing, this time from USDOT

In a string of high profile theft cases, the government fails to secure another one of their laptops. This time, with the Department of Transportation. In it, are 133,000+ records of Florida residents with everything from names and addresses to social security numbers.
What’s interesting is that these people still don’t understand that you don’t keep this type of personal data in a laptop. Databases are supposed to be stored on a database, while more than likely, this story is misinforming the people of something such as a spreadsheet. In any case, databases can be worked on from remote locations which begs the question: why doesn’t the government allow for VPN network connections to such crucial databases as these?
We’re even more surprised that with the few incidents including the VA fiasco, that there hasn’t been a complete lockdown by government IT until better measures of securing the data is implemented. Come on. This isn’t rocket science.
Via SecurityFocus