THAAD Missle Defense finally scores

THAAD is the Army’s Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense system that is supposedly able to shoot missles out of the sky. Made by Lockheed Martin. It finally succeeded in one of its goals of shooting a target out of the sky, but according to DefenseTech, there was no debris, decoys or anything else. Basically Missle Command level 1.
What’s interesting is that this missle defense system cost $10 billion and is supposed to complement the Patriot Interceptor system but has failed multiple times in test until now. Because of the range of the system, it’s more likely to target those nasty ballistic missles better than the PAC-3.

If all goes well, THAAD will be operational in “a few years”, according to McGrath.

What bothers us is that in seven years in the making and after $10 billion dollars, this quote by the program manager for THAAD is not promising. Not to mention that after $10 billion dollars of taxpayer dollars are spent, you’d think they’d be able to actually hit something instead of their track record until now.
Via DefenseTech