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Windows Live Mail beta ups storage to 2GB

Late in the game, but Microsoft Windows Live Mail beta has increased its storage to 2GB.
UPDATE (10:53AM EST): Forgot to mention that there is a new upgrade as of a couple days ago. Now, selecting all and reporting spam doesn’t work anymore. You have to select them one at a time which becomes truly annoying. Also, the default now will mark any email that is highlighted as “read”. This is truly a waste when you’re trying to “report and delete” spam messages and every single click has to go through the process of being marked as “read”.


Cult of the Dead Cow has released Scatterchat, a open-sourced program for the non-geek in all of us to chat to your hearts desire. This basically integrates the GAIM instant messaging client with Tor (anonymous Internet communication system).
Beauty of this is that this allows you to chat but the direction of the path of your communication takes a different path through the Internet every X minutes. That makes it improbable that snoops to easily read into your talks with your peeps. Created as a hacktivism weapon for politics and activism.
Those that don’t remember cDc, they were the guys behind the concept trojan: BackOrifice and their ranks are high among the types that blow through the likes of DefCon.
BoingBoing < ScatterChat

101’s new stylin’ looks

Greensboro101 has a new look. Seems like an upgrade in software, or template but something definitely has changed. Take a looksie.

Air marshals put innocent people on list to fill quota

We’re not at all surprised about the whola “quota” thing. Ask anyone that works in government and the quota thing is rampant among the management. Everyone is about fulfilling quotas.

“Innocent passengers are being entered into an international intelligence database as suspicious persons, acting in a suspicious manner on an aircraft … and they did nothing wrong,” said one federal air marshal.

But it’s still kind of scary that your life could be screwed because someone is putting your name on a list to fulfill a quota instead of doing what they’re supposed to and actually looking for suspicious people.
BruceSchneier < TheDenverChannel

Google Maps Mobile

Google Maps has gone mobile. Now you can browse the same great map system, but in a mobile format and optimized for a mobile user. Just go to www.google.com/gmm with your mobile browser.
Via Googleblog

Skype releases Skype 1.5 beta and video preview for Mac

Skype has released Skype 1.5 beta for the Mac. This is a long awaited update to the Skype client. They also released a slightly buggy, but good look at the video preview release. This adds video support to the client like the latest Windows version of Skype.
Via Skype

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is an alternative to Adobe Reader. It used to be that Adobe’s reader just came with the PDF reader. Now it loads a whole bunch of other things that no one cares about or wants. UneasySilence gives a few pointers on why you should load this free Windows PDF alternative for your browser.
UneasySilence < FoxItSoftware

Canadian band “The Grey” banned from US for five years

Disclaimer: Some language in quotations
Got to love DHS. They banned Canadian band, “The Grey”, from entering the US for the next five years because they were playing for a “non-paying” show. What the?

We were treated as terrorists at first. When we first went, one by one, into the room with the interrogating officer they used that line about “America is at war, and Canada may not take that seriously…” and “since 9-11, we take these things seriously.” Then they realized that we were not making any money doing what we do, and that we were more naïve than anything else. Some of the other guards even told us that the whole thing was bullshit, and that it was overzealous and a waste of paperwork.

While the terrorist treatment is probably standard procedure, the fact that the banning of the band for five years is ridiculous use of power by undertrained border patrol. What are they going to do? Commit terrorism by blowing people’s eardrums out with a drum and some guitars? Really. Come on.
The worst of this is that they ban actual good people instead of spending those resources on more “supicious” people. You would think that after border guards looked up the band’s website and such, and probably had contact with the people where the show would take place, that it would have been cleared.
BoingBoing < Econoculture

Corrupted tables

Ack. LUX is back, but had corrupted tables from the storms. Fixed them, but lost a few posts. I’ll try to restore them from a backup, but not guarantees.

Shiira for Mac OS X

Shiira is open-sourced and a web browser that is built on Web Kit and Cocoa. The 2.0 preview is probably one of the best looking browsers we’ve seen in a long time, but eye candy isn’t everything. Here’s a review of the 2.0 preview.
Definitely go and download a copy of this. It’s one of the most fascinating browsers yet, and the support is a lot better than Safari.