How to turn WiFi leechers into a puddle of fun

What’s totally amusing is the ethical and actual legal behaviors of wifi leeching. People for some reason think that if it comes over the air and isn’t protected, then is free and for everyone’s use. NOT QUITE. In all technicality, it’s dependent on the contract that the person providing the wifi signal is on.
Using a linux server to basically filter traffic, Pete here was sick of his neighbors stealing his wifi. So he had some fun flipping every image that came across to their IPs or blurring out any images. Here are a couple ways that he implemented this.
Amusing. There are ways around this also since he’s using MAC addresses to determine if you get into the trusted half or not (which can be sniffed and spoofed), but it’s at least a fun way of deterring those nasty pests of neighbors that leech without any permissions.
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