How grassroots redefine piracy

This is the newer thought that crosses many up-and-coming artists, authors, studios and whoever else has information to sell. John Battelle on piracy of his book, The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture:

Second, how cool is it that The Search is a street bestseller in Mumbai?! Do I care about the piracy? No. No, no no. I care that someone in Mumbai cared enough to rip it off, and that someone there might be reading my stuff. That is just cool. Commercial markets always follow the free, or, well, the pirates in this case. Always.

While this is true with most startups, those that are well-established such as the Redmond giant, Microsoft, have a lot more to lose when it comes to piracy. The interesting part of this?
Piracy is being re-defined by grassroots and Internet icons such as BoingBoing’s bandmanager, John Battelle. Those of us that are writing/producing/authoring don’t see piracy as an evil thing, but another medium that if harnessed can become a tremendous way as a public relations campaign or distribution method. We have yet to see software giants such as those under the BSA try to exploit piracy positively instead of warring against it. But perhaps re-defining the way piracy works will eventually lead to a similar train of thought.