Google lawsuit thrown out as Kinderstart claims “blocking free speech”

Interestingly enough, the Google lawsuit by Kinderstart was thrown out. What’s interesting is this part right here by the CEO of Kinderstart:

“Our belief about Google is that they’re blocking free speech,” said Mr. Goodman. “We need to make people aware of that. They admitted it in court.”

Why was the lawsuit filed?

Kinderstart filed the suit in March, saying it noticed a 70 percent drop-off in its traffic after Google downgraded the Norwalk, Connecticut-based company’s web site to a zero search ranking in its PageRank toolbar (see Google Sued over Ranking).

We’re sorry, but what was that again? You’re suing due to pagerank dropping? How the heck does that equate to “blocking free speech”? No one is stopping your website from existing and Google along with Yahoo and all of the other search engines are not a “public service”. They do that to make money and harness the Internet by doing so. If they were blocking free speech, it would mean that Google managed to stop your website from working.
We don’t see the relevance except for the fact that some company seems to want to dig into Google’s deep pockets. Uhh. no. Do not pass Google. Do not collect $200.
Via RedHerring