Forcing Windows to UltraDMA-6

Don’t mess with Windows registry unless you really know what you’re doing! Because neither the author of the tutorial nor us would take responsibility for your actions! So anyways…
UltraDMA is a hardware setting that was introduced to motherboards and harddrives a bit back. It basically allowed your drive to push a lot more data through than the standard method via PIO-only. Not only that, but PIO-only usually chews up a lot of CPU while UltraDMA would boost the transfer rate and also move it to hardware processing. Think of it like having an electrical motor on a bicycle and having the motor do the work instead of your legs.
In any case, this is a good tutorial for tweaking your hardware if you have the support. Remember to check your manuals to make sure you have UltraDMA-6 support.
Via JamesEBartonII