FBI Consultant charged for cracking FBI password hashes

All the while, no one has even bothered to mention the fact that the FBI botched the $535 million Virtual Case File software last year, and now they’re spending an additional $425 million on a separate project to try and replace the botched project. HOW DOES THAT WORK?
This is ridiculous. We swear we covered this before and to have the FBI just have Carnegie Mellon or some top-ranked school do it for them. Yes, yes we did. And we even underwrote the pricetag.
All the while, a consultant from BAE is charged due to him helping install a security system where he took the password hashes that the FBI had and the username database and ran brute force cracks on them. Amusing
enough, he got access to every user account including FBI director Robert Mueller.
One more thing. Seattle Times Washington Post, please fact-check “hashes”. It’s not “user names, encrypted passwords and other information” or anything else. Password hashes are just encrypted passwords, like the shadow file in a Unix box. Typical first level security things.
UPDATE (11:49AMEST): Oops. Boo boo made. The people that didn’t fact check was actually the Washington Post, since the Seattle Times probably got it off AP.
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