eBay bans Google Checkout

Looks like there’s a bit of egos stirring here. eBay, while all in the right to do what they do, don’t provide their sellers with maximum potential of sales. This could in fact lead to … well, a lot of pissed off sellers.
The latest eBay Policy states that:

Payment Services not permitted on eBay: AlertPay.com, anypay.com, AuctionChex.com, AuctionPix.com, BillPay.ie, ecount.com, cardserviceinternational.com, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold, eHotPay.com, ePassporte.com, EuroGiro, FastCash.com, Google Checkout, gcash, GearPay, Goldmoney.com, graphcard.com, greenzap.com, ikobo.com, Liberty Dollars, Moneygram.com, neteller.com, Netpay.com, Nochex.com, paychest.com, payingfast.com, paypay, Postepay, Qchex.com, rupay.com, scripophily.com, sendmoneyorder.com, stamps, Stormpay, wmtransfer.com, xcoin.com

Gee. Just a little pissy about the PayPal competition? What’s really interesting is that Google Checkout probably works the most similar to PayPal of all of these and has brand recognition. I suppose eBay is just a little scared of losing PayPal market share.
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