Bring back Digg v2.0

The new version of Digg is… well. Interesting. It provides more story topics, and better ways of tracking digg itself. More social if you will. It also diversified into other topics such as entertainment and broke out gaming and science.
What was annoying? Practically every day you find a story about digg on the front page. You can’t stop digg from digging itself, and the users that do submit it really start to tick me off. I mean really, self-promotion? There isn’t a need for it since you’re USING THE TOOL. No one cares about the latest whatever on digg, since if you’re using it you already have seen it. Obviously someone cares, but why?
It’s ridiculously stupid. I wish there was a way to set a filter and block all users that digg Digg. In fact, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. The whole digging Digg thing just bugs the hell out of me and totally dilutes the good news that used to come out of Digg. Bring back v2.0.