Automatic scheduled defragging in Vista

ArsTechnica recently just wrote an article on how Vista will have automatic scheduled defragging at 4AM. Every day. Is this supposed to be good somehow? We’re still riled by the fact that WinFS, that was supposed to be Microsoft’s answer to a journaling filesystem that actually could perform against the multitude of linux journaling filesystems was canceled shifted off of the Vista load.
The biggest annoyance with Vista defragging is going to be mobile devices. Laptops. Who actually leaves a laptop powered on all-the-friggin-time. No one. If you do, then we suggest a cheaper solution called a “desktop”. So defragging will cost all of those business people time and time is obviously money. Easy way to fix this? WinFS. Did it happen? No.
We miss WinFS. We wish we didn’t have to defrag our Windows workstations just like our linux workstations. We don’t want to get it with SQLServer. Who the heck uses MSSQL anyways. Tell us why Microsoft you must toy with our feeble hearts? WHY?