Abuse of police powers due to cell phone pictures

Practically sounds like 1984. In Philly, a 21 year old was arrested for taking a picture on his cell phone of another arrest.

“He opened up the gate and Neffy was coming down and he went up to Neffy, pulled him down, had Neffy on the car and was telling him, ‘You should have just went in the house and minded your own business instead of trying to take pictures off your picture phone,'” said Gerrell Martin.

Gerrell Martin was the neighbor that witnessed the event. Amazing how this seems like a total abuse of police power. It’s one thing chasing after bad guys. It’s another for making an arrest and a citizen that seems intrigued takes a photograph of the event taking place. If the first arrest is a legitimate arrest then what’s the issue? Very strange display by the Philadelphia police department and we would imagine it doesn’t make the citizens feel any safer.
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