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How to turn WiFi leechers into a puddle of fun

What’s totally amusing is the ethical and actual legal behaviors of wifi leeching. People for some reason think that if it comes over the air and isn’t protected, then is free and for everyone’s use. NOT QUITE. In all technicality, it’s dependent on the contract that the person providing the wifi signal is on.
Using a linux server to basically filter traffic, Pete here was sick of his neighbors stealing his wifi. So he had some fun flipping every image that came across to their IPs or blurring out any images. Here are a couple ways that he implemented this.
Amusing. There are ways around this also since he’s using MAC addresses to determine if you get into the trusted half or not (which can be sniffed and spoofed), but it’s at least a fun way of deterring those nasty pests of neighbors that leech without any permissions.
Lifehacker < ex-parrot

aptana beta IDE

aptana is an interesting IDE. It can integrate into Eclipse or be a standalone IDE (integrated development environment). The goal of aptana is to become a Dreamweaver alternative and so far, it is succeeding in at least gauging the interest of the web development community. This IDE even has AJAX library assists to help guide those that aren’t familiar with AJAX into integrating with website development.
Worth a look.

Abuse of police powers due to cell phone pictures

Practically sounds like 1984. In Philly, a 21 year old was arrested for taking a picture on his cell phone of another arrest.

“He opened up the gate and Neffy was coming down and he went up to Neffy, pulled him down, had Neffy on the car and was telling him, ‘You should have just went in the house and minded your own business instead of trying to take pictures off your picture phone,'” said Gerrell Martin.

Gerrell Martin was the neighbor that witnessed the event. Amazing how this seems like a total abuse of police power. It’s one thing chasing after bad guys. It’s another for making an arrest and a citizen that seems intrigued takes a photograph of the event taking place. If the first arrest is a legitimate arrest then what’s the issue? Very strange display by the Philadelphia police department and we would imagine it doesn’t make the citizens feel any safer.
BoingBoing < NBC10

Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth

Straight out of Microsoft Live Labs, Photosynth should be a coming soon as a technology preview. This has got to be one of the more interesting projects coming out of Microsoft currently. It takes images (your photos) and analyzes the structures and how large things are relative to everything else. Then if you have multiple photos of the same area, it puts the photos together and maps them in a 3D space.
It allows you then to fly around the 3D space similar to Google Earth and navigate through a virtual world that was created through your photos. That changes the way photography will work since that means that the more pictures you take, the more you can recreate a 3D virtual environment!
While there is no download yet, there are some videos on the site and the team is trying to get something out for public use. Watch for this to be coming.
Via Photosynth

Wine 0.9.18 released

Wine 0.9.18 was released today. What’s so great about this release? There was a lot more Direct3D implementation. This means that there is a chance that you can run your favorite Windows game. Apparently with some minor tweaking, people were able to get World of Warcraft and Half Life 2 to work!
Haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but it should be very interesting if we are able to get a couple of the games to run. This will definitely remove any sort of temptation to leave a Windows partition on a linux box at all.
Linux-gamers < WineHQ


iTerm is an open source MacOSX terminal emulator that has a bunch of features that most people can’t do without after using it. One of the major ones is… get this. tabs. Yes, you can tab your terminals.

Unidirectional wifi Extender

There are a bunch of ways to hack a WiFi antenna, but here’s an interesting one that uses a metal strainer. Everything that you see, you can get at a dollar store. This is very similar to the asian metal strainer hack, but looks like it’s a bit more useful if you can get it on a tripod and with a long enough USB cord. There shouldn’t be any RF loss within the USB since it’s right at the tip of the USB extension.
MAKE < Instructables

Guide to useless XP services

There are always things you can turn off in XP that allow your computer to run more smoothly and efficiently. Here is a list of services and what they accomplish. For the most part, most of these are okay to be eliminated from the services to free up resources in XP.
Via TechTree

Digg users hack Netscape

As of late, due to the Jason Calacanis vs. Kevin Rose in Netscape copy of Digg has been raging online. But this comes as unjustified hacks of Netscape come from Digg users through XSS vulnerabilities on the Netscape site.
Hopefully Kevin Rose does the right thing and puts an end to this since they are his users who are committing this script kiddy-like behavior. It also doesn’t bode well for the advertisers that are looking to invest their money in Digg.
Via FSecure

Mozilla Firefox 1.505 released

Should see an official announcement and actual updates from the update servers soon, but it’s been released with security patches.