Yahoo Mail worm author asking for jobs after creating mild havoc

Amusing. The author of the JS/[email protected] Worm that wreaked some havoc on Yahoo Mail servers yesterday, sent an email to antivirus corporations asking for a job.

Subject: I have written JS/[email protected] Worm
I have written JS/[email protected] Worm that has been discovered 12 June 2006. I found that in Yahoo! mail and use it to execute scripts ( collecting yahoo addresses from someone mail, sending this email using Ajax technology to them and then redirecting them into a sample site).
Finally I should mention that I don’t like to disturb no one. Since I live in iran and taking a Job in good computer companies is very hard (becaue getting Visa is very hard from US) I just want to prove that I have some abilities in web programming . And I like to work with professional team like you if there is any way to do that.
(intentionally censored as not to give ‘props’ to the author)

Funny thing is that I knew it was from Iran yesterday from the DNS hosts they were using. But what gets me is that this guy doesn’t show any proof that he wrote it, nor does he (we’re pretty sure it’s a male based on reading many many IRC chats) make any effort of explaining why there was a payload. If this was purely an proof-of-concept worm, it would have had no payload being sent to like it did. Definitely noob actions for sure. nd if anyone remembers the macro virus, Stardust a couple weeks back? That was definitely proof-of-concept. No pay-load, but it would show that the vulnerability existed.
And you’re asking for a job after pulling that stunt? Man. You would have been better off trying to win the lottery.
Via McAfeeAvertLabs