VistaTorrent now down due to Microsoft Cease and Desist

You know what’s funny about this? VistaTorrent was created by Chris Pirillo and Jake Luddington. Both of them are strong members of the Microsoft community and they both were trying to help alleviate the bandwidth costs by using a known protocol to the rest of the Internet community.
While they aren’t saddened by the fact with the C&D, we are. With Robert Scoble leaving, and Microsoft giving pretty much lip service about open-source but never following through. It’s worse that they’re just stringing along the community that could actually be assisting in the imagery of Redmond giant.
It’s amusing. Vista already needs help. Why not encourage the community? Letting it stand alone is just letting it be doomed for failure. Especially as you watch the “wanted” features list dwindle.
Via Cnet