Security cameras are now illegal in New Hampshire

It’s amazing we’re not a police state yet. A man was charged with two counts of felony eavesdropping and wiretapping due to the fact that he video-taped via his home security camera a detective that came late at night and was rude and would not leave. When the couple tried to file a complaint with public relations, the father was arrested (police report here).

Gannon wanted to lodge a complaint against Karlis, who had come to the family’s house while investigating their sons, Janet Gannon said. She said Karlis showed up late at night, was rude, and refused to leave when they asked him.
“He was just very smart-mouthed. He put his foot in the door, and my husband said, ‘Excuse me, I did not invite you in, please leave,’ and he wouldn’t,” Janet Gannon said. “We did not invite him in, we asked him to leave, and he wouldn’t.”

We won’t spoil any more of the exciting story, but it does beg the question on what exactly as citizens we’re allowed to do when it comes to protecting ourselves. Hopefully the Gannons made a copy of the tape and will be sending it to the ACLU since there wasn’t any reason that the police could go “secure” any property without a warrant and you cannot stick your shoe to stop someone from shutting the door. While none of us are attorneys, that seems like abuse of law enforcement power. Judging from the article, we would definitely be suspicious that there’s something seriously fishy going on at the Nashua Police Department.
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