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How to remove carpet impressions

Moving to a new place? Your furniture made what seems to be permanent dents in the carpet? No problem! Take some steam to the carpet. It’ll make it good as new. Just make sure that if you do it with an iron, not to iron your carpet.
Via Lifehacker

Guitar Hero Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to rock out like a rockstar. It really never happened though since I played classical piano and violin. But there was a smidgeon of wishing that I could pick up a guitar and headbang all night long, especially after buying my first CD of Queen.
Well, this is the closest I’ll ever get to playing the guitar, but I went out and purchased Guitar Hero. It comes with a controller that looks like a small sized Gibson and has five buttons and a whammy bar along with a strum control. Very fun, and you probably don’t look any stupider than those DDR guys.
Guitar Hero II is coming out after having the success of Guitar Hero, but I wondering if RedOctane and Harmonix are willing to go a step further.

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Google Desktop 4

Google has released version 4 of Desktop. It has also come out of beta. So head over there and download the latest of the desktop search tool.

Evolution installer for Win32

Evolution is this neat tool for Linux that basically is your all in one Microsoft Outlook replacement. It even allows you to schedule meetings from Exchange. Unfortunately, there was never was a clean Windows installer … UNTIL NOW!
This is the unofficial Evolution installer for Windows, but it’s clean, there’s no MS-DOS box that’s annoying, and it just works. Check it out. Open-source Outlook here you come.
Slashdot < EvolutionInstaller

MSN mispicks Asheville as a great “cheap” place to live

Another unfortunate byproduct of bad research and having writers that have never actually “lived” in Asheville.
Asheville is a wonderful city in western North Carolina, but it is by NO MEANS cheap for any college graduate to live. Ask any UNCA graduate that has tried to stay in the area. If your career choices did not involve being a doctor, or lawyer, you’re probably plum out of luck in Asheville for a career move. Don’t believe it? Just walk into any of the fine eating establishments in the area and ask any of the wait staff what degrees they have and how long they’ve been trying to find an actual job in the area. Chances are, nine out of ten, they’ll have bachelor degrees and are struggling to make ends meet just to live in that city.
Via MSNRealEstate

Catawba County Schools files injunction claiming Google spiders “hacked” their site

It’s a sad thing when people talk about technology they don’t understand.
Catawba County Schools had a document that was cached by Google’s spiders that could contain some student social security information and other types of identity theft prone information. They claim that because the file was stored on a DocuShare server, it had to be secure due to password protection.

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How to do 301 redirects

A 301 redirect is basically a way to keep your old URLs and pages but have them redirect to new items. This will keep people happy instead of having to see a dreaded 404 Not Found page.
Steven Hargrove has a few methods on how to attack this problem and the simple solutions in 301 redirects.
Via StephenHargrove

Say goodbye to Ma Bell and rewire your house for VoIP

This is not for the faint of heart but if you love electrical work, stripping and splicing, then you should love this project. Basically if you do this, then you can tie all the phone lines in your house to the one that is supplied by your VoIP router. This means….
1) Use your phones like normal phones.
2) Piss off your local Bell that you suddenly jumped ship.
It’s actually a very interesting project and Engadget has a step-by-step on how to get it running. Your mileage may vary depending on what type of box is at your home.
Via Engadget

Opening a bottle of beer the Scandinavian way

While this isn’t something that you really need to know for every day life, it’s definitely one of those neat tricks you can wow your friends. Those Europeans…. they come up with all sorts of crazy things. So watch the video and learn the crazy ways of opening beer bottles with another bottle of beer.
BoingBoing < YouTube

Another government boo-boo: USDA hacked

It looks like 26,000 employee records in the DC area were compromised at the United States Department of Agriculture. This comes after a bunch of high profile incidents with out-of-date security practices at major federal agencies.
What’s interesting about this is the fact that all of these agencies have been audited numerous number of years and given very poor rating in their security practices. They were told time and again about issues such as this. It just goes to show that the security is rather lax in federal IT. What’s amusing is that there hasn’t been anything done about the actual IT practices. The events that I have heard through the governmental grapevine is that they’re rather pointing fingers at employees instead of implementing better policies and running better internal forensics.
This is another reminder of why management in federal positions micro-manage too much about things they don’t understand and hire people that do not understand how to perform in their job functions.
Via SecurityFocus