iPod Sweat shops? Give me a break

I abhor comparisons of cost-of-living standards across the world. Especially those in North America that think that if you don’t earn $6.50 an hour (or whatever minimum wage is these days), that it’s obviously a travesty and things aren’t going well.
The latest comes from MacWorld UK, where BoingBoing’s Cory Doctorow calls it “Inside China’s iPod sweat-shops“.
Ick. They might not live as the lap of luxury like the rest of us, but by no means are they destitute.

This is why I dislike some activist groups. They play the money comparison game like it’s some huge issue that these chinese are getting paid $50 a month, yet if I remember correctly when I visited Suzhou, that everything was bustling and things cost practically a tenth of what it did in the United States. Let’s put it into perspective. An expatriot that makes $40,000USD can buy a house that in the US would cost seven figures easily. That expatriot would also be able to afford a maid, a chauffeur and a cook for about $150USD a month.
If you bring that scale down a notch, then that means that actual living costs are extremely low. Sure the conditions of living are different, but I’ve also never known a rich white old guy to live in the Bronx. Heck, name any rich person that lives in the projects.
Don’t get me wrong. The standard of living in China is indeed not as high in the more rural areas, and even the largest cities have certain areas that are subpar. But that goes for the same here. Because the cost of living is less in the South compared to California’s insane cost-of-living, does that mean that my job becomes labeled as a “sweat shop”? I sure hope not.
I don’t understand the whole labeling and sweat shop business. Many complain about this or that, but then they don’t realize that they’re hypocrites when they shop at Walmart, Target, or buy other household items that are also made from plants around the world in the same conditions. If you don’t like the conditions, don’t buy the products.
As far as the high-and-mighty attitudes? Get off your pedestals. The rest of the world isn’t that far beneath ya’ll.