How to turn your $60 WiFi router into a $600 wifi router

It’s amazing that some people haven’t gone and played with their routers yet, and enabled all sorts of useful features. Probably one of the more common ones are transmit/receive power settings. Interestingly enough, if you haven’t tried flashing your router with a new flash, then take heed to this tutorial and find a whole new world of router features that you didn’t even know existed.
One other note: The DDWRT firmware is specifically for a type of router. If you don’t have the right hardware, this won’t work so don’t try. DDWRT wiki should be able to point you in the right direction as far as model numbers supported are concerned.
Warning though. It is possible to “brick” your router when attempting these flashes. They are no more different that updating your firmware, but sometimes firmwares can corrupt. In the case of using third-party firmwares, you would probably automatically void your warranty. So take heed since we’re not responsible for your actions.
Via Lifehacker