House of Representatives reject Net Neutrality

The House of Representatives has rejected the Net Neutrality rules with the majority of the opposition as Republicans and the vast majority of Democrats supporting the bill.
In general, this really annoys me on many angles. The Internet is beyond corporations, and would function on a very poor scale in a tiered fashion. There was a reason that government and educational institutions had their hands on this before corporations such as AT&T and BellSouth.
As the rest of the world becomes fairly dependent on the Internet, it would vastly amusing to turn short-service those Republicans in general to let them know how a tiered Internet feels when you’re not paying a premium. You can guarantee many U.S. Internet corporations will move their physical footprints across the seas if Congress sees this through. Believe me when I say, it’s not a threat. It’s a guarantee. There are many other countries that will love to have Amazon, Ebay and Google’s business. For one, I’ll be talking to ratchet about shifting our business elsewhere also since we won’t be able to pay the backbone gestapo their “protection” money.
For a country that invented the Internet, if net neutrality doesn’t make it past the Senate, then this one will be one for the books on how the U.S. took a plunge into the dark ages for technological progress.
Via ZDnet