Guitar Hero Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to rock out like a rockstar. It really never happened though since I played classical piano and violin. But there was a smidgeon of wishing that I could pick up a guitar and headbang all night long, especially after buying my first CD of Queen.
Well, this is the closest I’ll ever get to playing the guitar, but I went out and purchased Guitar Hero. It comes with a controller that looks like a small sized Gibson and has five buttons and a whammy bar along with a strum control. Very fun, and you probably don’t look any stupider than those DDR guys.
Guitar Hero II is coming out after having the success of Guitar Hero, but I wondering if RedOctane and Harmonix are willing to go a step further.

Currently, the big gaming craze in Asia has been MMORPGs where they are free but micropayments get you “better” items and things. Because the free part is the bait and the micropayments make it seem like you get a lot, you spend a lot more than you would with any other game. While listening to L’Arc~en~ciel, I had this sudden urge to play Guitar Hero to L’Arc’s song.
So here’s the idea: Why doesn’t Harmonix work similarly like Apple does and get licensing to songs that you can download from a server where they promote certain bands? I would love to play the guitar solos for L’Arc or TMR. They could price newer bigger bands higher a bit, but still get people to buy in. PS2 already has a HD that you can slip in and most are already hooked into broadband. It’s just a matter of time.
In the mean time, I’ll just look at the E3 pictures of Guitar Hero II and wait patiently to rock on to Metallica.