Google Checkout

As everyone has speculated, Google Checkout, is finally out.
This is basically a place to store your credit card information, so when you purchase something, you click one button and everything is done instead of storing your CC at the various stores. While I’m not sure about the rest of the staff, I personally would trust Google a lot more than many of the other stores for storing the information although this will turn Google into a huge hacking target based on the financial information stored there.
It does make life a lot easier though as a one place stored click. That means if any happened, Google would be responsible. They use industry standard encryption, which is where I think Google could actually one-up the rest of the guys. There’s nothing that says more isn’t better, and Google certainly has the resources and the smarts to pull it off.
We’ll see if Google makes the necessary changes to make this more unique, but so far we love it.
Via GoogleBlog