Another government boo-boo: USDA hacked

It looks like 26,000 employee records in the DC area were compromised at the United States Department of Agriculture. This comes after a bunch of high profile incidents with out-of-date security practices at major federal agencies.
What’s interesting about this is the fact that all of these agencies have been audited numerous number of years and given very poor rating in their security practices. They were told time and again about issues such as this. It just goes to show that the security is rather lax in federal IT. What’s amusing is that there hasn’t been anything done about the actual IT practices. The events that I have heard through the governmental grapevine is that they’re rather pointing fingers at employees instead of implementing better policies and running better internal forensics.
This is another reminder of why management in federal positions micro-manage too much about things they don’t understand and hire people that do not understand how to perform in their job functions.
Via SecurityFocus