UK Hacker community miffed at US treatment of McKinnon

There’s no doubt the law was broken in this circumstance. But McKinnon, whom hacked U.S. military networks between 2001 and 2002, now faces up to 70 years of jail time. And the hacker community is miffed.
McKinnon is being extradited to the U.S. to face trial even though there are laws in the U.K. that deal with transatlantic data crimes. There is also a lot of talk around the community about how the crime doesn’t fit the bill of being a terrorist.
We would argue that the government would say that McKinnon was a “cyber-terrorist”, especially in this age after the 9/11 tragedy. BUT, this does not exclude the blatant facts that McKinnon used the same methodology to access military and government networks that were supposed to be “secure“. While he committed a crime, the true travesty here is that American taxpayers pay billions of dollars of tax money to secure these defense networks that aren’t even locked down. And that’s a very scary thought.
Via BBCNews