TorrentSpy sues MPAA for hacking

TorrentSpy is countersuing the MPAA for hiring a hacker three months after a suit was brought against Valence Media (parent company of TorrentSpy) for making it easier for people to pirate on the Internet.
Problem with the MPAA suit? Regardless of how the technology is used, you can’t sue for “making it easier”. This is the same deal as suing Smith and Wesson if the guns were used in a murder. The act behind the piracy does not equate to the use of the technology for other means.
In any case, TorrentSpy’s countersuit is based on the fact that the man hired by the MPAA went through non-public means to gather the information and thus the basis of the MPAA suit is based on illegal means to gather the data.

Rothken said that the MPAA also paid the hacker to “gather nonpublic information” about other Torrentspy-related sites. Rothken declined to specify which sites.

The worst part of this is? MPAA has a legitimate right to protect the works of the studios. But in working the illegal spectrum, they have all-but killed any legitimacy of their acts. The touchy subject becomes a public relations nightmare for the MPAA.
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