The Crown Ambassadors

I had the pleasure of hearing The Crown Ambassadors play at a Cable 8 Benefit concert. I’m usually not that fond of local music, but they were exceptionally different. Something like the Beatles just rang out of them.
While the crowd was sparce at the benefit, these guys have a sound to them that struck me like the older easy listening type of music. Definitely not your usual screaming rock nor was it the usual R&B cpop/jpop that I usually fancy within in my earbuds but a softer and more soothing sound. But you can guarantee that their cd, Greenway Park, will definitely get lots of air time on my iPod and iTunes. Definitely a pleasure to listen to from this local indie rock/pop genre.
They will be performing at Greene Street on Thursday, June 22nd, 2006. 8:30PM. And they’ll play Greenway Park in its entirety. For a complimentary CD, go to the song writer’s site.
If you’re fond of the Beatles and that era, hopefully their music also finds itself to you.