School filters versus home proxies

It’s amusing when you see articles such as these. This is such old news. And what’s even more amusing is that proxies are a thing of the past. There are other ways to beat the system. It’s a lot craftier and better thought out. There are many methods such as:

  • internal proxy
  • ssh tunnels
  • spoofing DNS
  • packet routing

And much much more. With WiMax/EVDO/EDGE plans becoming a lot cheaper, there are ways to bypass the school system routing the packets altogether. It’s not about how to stop the kids from doing it. It’s about how to monitor and enforce policies passively or design the infrastructure to not allow such things to happen . Unfortunately, most IT administrators within school systems don’t understand that those “digital kids” are a lot more tuned in than they are. I’ve met a few, and believe me. These kids could drive circles around their school IT departments. Having been one, I’d know.
Via CNet