Race to Recycle

Motorola set up this program and I have set to see ANY Guilford County School participate. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure no one here is doing it. And why not? The payout is $3.00 a phone (probably will change but still) and they provide shipping materials and such.
What gets me is… you can earn up to $21,000 a calendar year. Sure that’s a lot of recycling of a lot of phones, but hey. That’s 210 Benjamins. For whatever reason, you can do a lot for a school with that type of money. Even $3 is more than nothing and what do you have to lose with it?
So if you’re part of the PTA or just looking to help fund an extra program, call the number: (888) 390-6866 or take a look at the website and find out what you can do.