PS3 to ban pre-selled games

As an avid gamer and have owned all of the Sony consoles (PS, PS2, PSP), this will drastically reduce my love for Sony. Sony has come out and said that they will not allow vendors to sell pre-owned games, and that the licensing system basically says that Sony owns all rights to the game(s) regardless of the consumer owning the media. Whether or not this will remain will be determined at the PS3 launch, but as of now it seems to be a true statement.
If this is the case, this is one gamer that will be moving along to another console system. I fear that this might reduce any gaming since Square Enix exclusively produces most of their RPGs for Sony. What a drag. We hope that Sony wakes up and smells reality soon, since this will definitely put a stopper on Sony’s dominance of the gaming market.
Via GameRadar