Grim outlook on Sony PSP UMD format

And what can we say except…
Don’t get us wrong. The Sony UMD is great for the PSP, although it’s a bit slow on load times and loud. Reminds us of Sony MiniDisc technology actually. But what gets you is the 3x the cost of a DVD when you buy a movie.
If the price was 1/3 the price of a DVD, people would actually buy them. It’s a simple concept that’s proven by Apple iTunes. If it’s cheap enough DRM, people will disregard the DRM itself and attach themselves like leeches onto your product. Sony has never learned that lesson and thus are getting hammered in the medium in the process. Thus, there’s a much greater move in the gaming world for people to buy the DVD and convert the movie onto memory sticks.
Regardless, the Sony PSP is still one of the better multimedia devices. Sony executives could really boost their sales and adoption of the format if they fixed the pricing. But historically, Sony never has listened to their consumer base or analysts, so it’ll probably be the day that pigs fly when the pricing gets slashed.
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