FCC Broadcast flag is back in Net Neutrality (lack of) bill

When will politicians quit being the pets of corporations and actually listen to the people that put them in there? Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) has drafted up a so called Net Neutrality Bill. While the Net Neutrality Bill has nothing to do with Net Neutrality and everything to do with giving power to the telecoms, there is a more evil thing back in place.
The broadcast flag. Yes, this is the third or fourth time this is rearing its ugly head. Yes, THAT broadcast flag. Where you can’t record anything off the television unless the flag tells you that it’s okay. Which, chances are it won’t. Ever.
Public Knowledge has more of the details. But definitely be on the lookout to crack the whip again on these political buffoons and make them dance in the consumers favor and not large corporations.
Via PublicKnowledge