Dogs trained to sniff out pirate DVDs

FedEx and the MPAA have teamed together to train a pair of dogs that sniff out pirate DVDs. Or so they say. Apparently it’s been working well in one of the UK FedEx hubs, and we all know that pirate DVDs are what funds most of the underground there are heavy ties to the mafia.
Just kidding. On the mafia and funding the underground bit at least. Although MPAA would love to tie it to terrorism and all sorts of other stuff.
The only question we have at LUX is: If DVDs are made in the exact same process as any other DVD, then how do the dogs know a real Braveheart DVD versus a fake one?
Good thing the postal service doesn’t use dogs like such.
Can you imagine the amount of terrorism that would be tied to Gamefly and Netflix? Man. we’d just hate to think about it.
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