Why I Stopped Promoting Linux in Government

Tom Adelstein has a great article on why he stopped promoting linux to government. Pretty easy to realize once you read it, but the basic sense is: politicians have no loyalty to the people that put them in office and will kill the next person in line to get there if they can get away with it. Here’s the proof:

Did I give up. You bet I did. One of the champions of Linux and free software in a major state agency chose to purchase Windows XP desktops for everyone in the agency. I’ve heard that man speaking at National Conventions for Government CIOs exalting the benefits of free software.

Does this sound like your government? Definitely sounds like ours. I’ve heard it time and again, free software has no support, free software isn’t as good as commercial software, blah blah blah.
Wake up and smell the coffee. The new motto that I’ll probably soon live by comes from Tom in this excerpt:

Does that mean I won’t muckrake, write and investigate? No, it doesn’t mean that. I just won’t work with politicians who claim they want to save our citizens money, keep jobs in the US and help all people in the US survive above the poverty level.

Amen to that brother. Amen.
Via Lxer