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Automatic bibliography composer

What we wouldn’t have gived for a tool such as EasyBib back in school. Writing those awful bibliographies would have been a breeze. This great tool can create the bibliography entries for you in both MLA and APA formats. Beats breaking out the MLA books, we guarantee.
Via EasyBib

Try Yahoo Mail Beta

The new mail wars have started. Yahoo is finally letting some of us normal people have a sneak peek at Yahoo Beta itself. Crazily ehough, those in the U.S. are having a hell of a time trying to get the beta invites. No longer!
There is a quick little cheat to get your beta working! Just follow the steps shown here.
Via GoogleOperatingSystem

Loco Roco demo for the PSP

Loco Roco demo has be released for the PSP. Unfortunately, you have to upgrade to PSP firmware version 2.70. If you don’t run homebrew, the demo is very fun and works great with the US version fo the firmware although you’ll have to guess the controls unless you can read Japanese.
Via ForeverGeek

Streaming iTunes to your PSP

Your PSP can stream iTunes via an rss feed. Here’s how. All you need is the following requirements:

  • PSP With Firmware v2.60
  • Networked XP Home/Pro Comp.
  • WiFi (802.11b) Network Router
  • Apple iTunes v6.0.4 Installed
  • Songs in iTunes Music Library
  • At Least 1 Playlist With Music

Fun. What a neat little use for RSS to PSP.
Via Skattertech

Advancing Greensboro’s Growing Culture of Creativity & Innovation. Not.

Disclaimer: This post is a summary of my opinions on the participation. If you don’t like it, here’s the definition of opinion.
I was invited as a young leader to this conference hosted today from 1:30 – 5:00PM at the Bryan Park Enrichment Center. The title was: Advancing Greensboro’s Growing Culture of Creativity & Innovation. It was sponsored by both UNCG and the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation.
As most know, I actually work outside of government, community work and the rest of it. So unlike many that were looking to skip out on work due to some conference, I was looking to get something done if it didn’t interfere with my job. But I thought it would be a worthwhile discussion on what was wrong with the community and a way to get everyone in the same room to talk about progressing forward. Those that know me, knew that I was about to raise hell about “doing” instead of “talking about doing”. Boy was I in for a treat.

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Curious about gas prices?

If you’re curious about gas prices, be curious no more. GasBuddy has a color coded map of averagas gas prices in each county for the whole United States. Curious if we’re comparing across the board. We find it most interesting that the South, whom usually has cheaper gas compared to many of the Northern and Western states due to refineries and pipelines being in the South, actually is on par with most of the country. Perhaps it’s not price gouging, but one has to raise an eyebrow when looking at this color coded chart and wonder who’s really benefiting from all of this when it’s usually not color coded this way.
Via GasBuddy

XP’s rebuild command

Ever have a missing file that a fresh copy of the Windows System directory didn’t fix? And you REALLY didn’t want to re-do your whole drive? This just might be the ticket for you. Windows XP has a little known “rebuild” command:

  • Boot from your XP Setup CD and enter the Recovery Console
  • Run “Attrib -H -R -S” on the C:\Boot.ini file
  • Delete the C:\Boot.ini file
  • Run “Bootcfg /Rebuild”
  • Run Fixboot

This is the last thing you should try but if all else fails, always give this a whirl before you re-scratch.
Via InformationWeek

BMW’s $10k concept urban vehicle

Now this is something I would want to get my hands on. A Beemer that is fuel efficient, costs only $10k, and handles like a motorcycle. 188 miles to the gallon and it has a top speed of 50 mph. Now that’s a commuter vehicle.
Via LeftLaneNews

What the iPod Hi-Fi should have looked like

Japanese designer Isamu Sanada, shows off his rendition of what the Hi-Fi should have looked like. This design is a lot more sleek and complements the current iPod styles nicely. Those of us that have use disc trays aren’t sure if that docking station would hold up under stress, but this design probably would have created more of a want in the audio market than the current Hi-Fi design.
Via AppleLE

iTunes cap hacked to 1000?

It looks like the iTunes cap for the Motorola phones has been hacked to accommodate 1000 songs. No word on if this works, but the screenshots don’t seem to lie as droves from MotoModders send in screenshots of their expensive SLVRs modded to store more songs. Note that none of the screenshots actually have more than the 100 limit stored so there is no telling if it actually works.
EngadgetMobile < MotoModders