Help save the Net: Democrats lose in House for net neutrality

It’s just too bad. We have to deal with morons that are puppets of corporate behavior. As the citizens of the United States fall farther behind in the broadband distribution to other nations of the world, the Bells come out with this crazy plan to make more money. We’ll really laugh if the big Internet corporations create their own broadband outside of their network and others latch onto it. In any case, here’s the news:

The groups say the Federal Communications Commission must be given power to prevent broadband providers from doing things like charging content providers extra for the privilege of faster delivery or other preferential treatment.
“Did the Bells create the Internet? Did the cable companies create the Internet?” asked Rep. Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat and sponsor of the amendment. “The answer is no. The Internet was built on a different model, a public interest model, funded by American taxpayers.”

We truly wish some Republicans would get behind Net Neutrality regardless of big telcos filling their coffers. The rest of the world laughs as the U.S. created the Internet, and now while others are reap in the benefits, all U.S. based Internet begins the deadly dance of death.
We at Lux think that this is about the time that those big corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others that will get hurt by this preferential treatment, pull their lobbying funds from those that are against cause. It’s also the time that the people help take up the fight for Net Neutrality.
Via CNet