Green Tea Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Green Tea used to go by the name of Sushi-do and we have eaten there from the beginning. This is one of the more affordable college hangouts of sushi in the fair city of Asheville. During its time as Sushi-do the chef (one of the original owners) was always sending us complementary sushi dishes. Now under different ownership, it is still doing as well as its inception. The only other place in North Carolina that had this ecstasy on my tastebuds has been the now defunct Sushi Rock of Greensboro and Rousan’s of Charlotte.
The decor is very soothing to the eye, the service is wonderful and they roll those sushi rolls with the best of them. As of the last year or so, they also added two tatami seatings. It’s always a delight to go there. Visit them if you’re in the area at 2 Regent Park Blvd, Asheville, NC.