DOJ to declare State Secrets Privilege in NSA/AT&T case

This is totally a PR control freebie that the government has in its back pocket. Due to being caught with AT&T helping the NSA tap calls and Internet traffic, the DoJ is said to play this card in the Electronic Frontier Foundation lawsuit against the government.
I can’t speak for the rest of the LUX staff, but I think it’s crap. This is trump card is meant to be played for actual national security risks, not for cover-ups when you’re caught red-handed doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.
You could say that they were tapping American phone lines in the name of national security. But where are the warrants? Law dictates that there needs to be those. Where do we draw the line? Perhaps an agent that can break into your home to search your house without a warrant at any time of the day can be dictated under “State Secrets Privilege”. But then, we wouldn’t be any different than Communism.
Sometimes people fight for human rights. Here, the case lands in… where does American privacy rights really stand. With this act of using the “State Secrets Privilege” card, they have declared that those rights really don’t mean very much.
Via Wired