Digital movie downloads are doomed to fail

Both Movielink and CinemaNow have released digital downloads backed by five major studios. But it’s doomed to fail before it even hits the streets. Why? There is a premium that you pay, up to twice what the regular price of a DVD costs.
$20-$30. I suppose the movie studios never learned ANYTHING from iTunes. DRM can be had if you make things cheap enough that people don’t even want to bother with removing it. Apple PROVED this. Yet, they claim the extra cost is for:

He said the premium reflected the convenience of the service and the flexibility to transfer the digital download to two computers, as well as the ability to create a backup DVD that also would play on computers running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system.

That’s flexible? “2” computers? COME ON! And its tied to Windows which means it’s probably WMV DRM. The worst type. And you truly wonder why they never learn the lesson of why people want to pirate. In the end, if it’s cheap enough, no one bothers with it. But if you make it expensive, you support your own demise. Think weapons on the black market, apply it to movies and music and you’ve got yourself a “why digital movie downloads are doomed to fail.”
UPDATE (4/4): Linked by CNN Money.
Via LATimes