Current Administration cowboy tactics with President Hu creates online fallout

Rebecca MacKinnon’s RConversation points out a very irresponsible Administration during President Bush’s visit to China. In fact, the speculation online and in China is that the Bush Administration was behind these stunts of the FLG protestor being let into the press stand. The protestor herself has had many documented incidences of anti-communist heckling.
See for yourself the slow moving of the Secret Service to remove the lady on CNN. Many believe this was orchestrated:

In fact, a Hong Kong poll after speech showed many Chinese were very unhappy with the way American administration treated their President on the visit.

But what really has the Chinese people around the globe upset? The cowboy tactics of President Bush with this sleeve yank. Perhaps the President needs a poltical anthropologist on hand to know that its considered an invasion of personal space in Eastern culture, especially with dignitaries and considered very rude.
Again, the cowboy antics have failed to give a good impression with another nation of the world and we were represented very poorly.
Via RConversation (thanks to ImageThief, CCHere, EastSouthWestNorth, Non-violent Resistance)