Tuttle city manager asks Register to stop readers from emailing him

Amusing. Jerry Taylor, city manager of Tuttle, Oklahoma, has asked The Register to stop their readers from emailing him about this incident. My dear fellow. You are a public servant. Public servants have public emails. While you are definitely at liberty not to respond to all of your emails, the only thing you can do is to either:

  1. filter your email
  2. don’t use email
  3. delete all your email
  4. don’t read your email

Otherwise, join the rest of the Internet era and face spam with the best of them. And if you don’t like it, maybe there’s something within that twenty-two years of experience that will teach you how to control your network instead of acting like a typical manager.
Another note while the LUX staff is at it:

I asked for the strange website to be removed because it blocked my City web site and I could not post public information. I only got help after threatening to contact the FBI.

Alas, you have such a short-term memory. If you would check the transcript it is posted as the first response by Johnny Hughes (CentOS developer):

Please contact someone who does IT for you and show them the page so
that they can configure your apache webserver correctly.

We suppose selective memory is a qualification of being a city manager in Oklahoma. But that’s okay, we won’t tell.
Via TheRegister