PriceRitePhoto: reborn! Be afraid!

In a society where scams seem to be prominent, here’s one that has been plaguing the Internet and has gotten a large amount of attention ever seen photographer Thomas Hawk blogged it. PriceRitePhoto has relisted under Pricegrabber and Yahoo Shopping under Barclays Photo.
This is the same camera store that has received national attention for a bait-and-switch scam that caught the eye of the NYTimes when Thomas got the short end of the stick.
You would think that with the attention that this has created, Yahoo Shopping and Pricegrabber would be extremely careful how they tread on this subject, but obviously they didn’t do the research into the domain backgrounds. Currently according to the whois data:

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
John Smith
140 58 street
brooklyn, NY 11220

Guess what. According to Google, this address doesn’t exist. Hrm. John Smith? Might as well use John Doe. It’s really quite amusing how scams as this bait-and-switch just keep popping up regardless of the media attention. It’s also sad that as consumers, we’re not protected from scams such as these.
Via ThomasHawk’sDigitalConnection